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Rob's work has been described as 'trippy.... as if you took a whole load of acid, ate too much candyfloss and went on the waltzers at your town's local fair. It's all a bit much, borderline grotesque, but you had a brilliant time."

Rob channels his love for ghoulish characters, psychedelic colours, and anthropomorphic food into his bright and brilliant workTo the backdrop of a hoard of vintage action figures and Happy Meal toys, he creates his illustrations that embody this obvious love for humour and characters.


There seems to never be a dull moment in his studio nor a dull millimetre in his acidically vibrant images.

"Ideally I’d like to live in a land of hamburger patches, milkshake volcanoes and fillet-o-fish lakes." Rob Flowers 2010

The British Museum / Anorak Magazine / The Museum of Witchcraft & Magic / Nike / Children in Need / Facebook / Action Aid / ESPN / Google / Kraft / The Museum of Childhood / Creative Review / MTV / ASOS / Universal Music / Boots / British Red Cross

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