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To celebrate the release of my first book, Festival Folk, I've produced a range of special products. The range includes prints, pins and greeting cards.


There are 4 double sieded prints available, each with a a category print on one side and a larger one on the other. 


This one features Busojaras  - "In the days leading up to Lent, around 500 men from the areaaround Mohacs in Southern Hungary put on terrifying masksand sheepskin cloaks and join
a great parade. They wear giant cowbells that clang loudly as they march. The festival celebrates a legend inwhich, during the Ottoman occupationof Hungary, the people of Mohacs hadto ee from the Turkish troops. Theycarved weapons and terrifying masks, and returned to the village at night, banging drums and yelling. The Turks believed they were demons and ran away."

Double sided Festival Folk Print / Busojaras

  • A3 double sided digital print

    Open edition


  • Item will be posted rolled in a tube

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