I was very honoured to be chosen to exhibit in the 'Selects' section of Pick Me Up festival. 'Pick Me Up Selects 2013 features international rising stars of the graphic arts world specially selected by an industry panel,' so it was a pretty exciting thing to be involved with.


I made a whole load of new stuff for it, including toys, sculpture and a series of 5 colour A2 screenprints at my studio as well as A3 & A4 Risographs. 


I wanted to give visitors an insight into my process & influences so I exhibited a selection of miscellany from my collection alongside the work that they had influenced.  I based all the pieces in a fictional land called 'The Crystal Wood', & each illustration featured characters based on real mythological beasts such as Mothman, Sciapods & Blemmyaes, or of my own invention such as the Doppleogre  & The Squid God. I was also selected from all the people exhibiting to illustrate a stamp for Camden Brewery, who supplied all the beers for events throughout the festival. Sadly PMU no longer exists but I'm still super honoured to feature in the list of amazing artists who exhibited as part of Selects