creative character designs

for products course

Here's my first course for Domestika. 'Creative Character Designs for Products' is an intro character design with the aim of helping you develop a cohesive set of characters to apply to any kind of object using Adobe Illustrator. 

"Are you ready to embark on a colourful character design adventure where there is never a dull pixel or drop of ink?In this course, work with Rob to develop a set of character designs that communicate ideas and emotions to be used on products ranging from stickers to t-shirts to prints." 

It was super fun to work on, a really rewarding process and I'm hoping this is going to the first on many courses I design for Domestika.

You can start the course here

1588 Resources Rob Flowers[ILU] 009.JPEG
1588 Course Rob Flowers[ILU] 036.JPEG