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McDonald's heaven in LA

If you've ever seen my talk or visited my studio you'll know I'm a huge McDonald's fan and early 1970s Maccy D's advertising is one of my favourite things to collect and has a huge influence on my work, so I was absolutely thrilled to visit the oldest operating McDonald's in the world on a recent trip to LA.

The Big Mac tasted exactly the same as always and the milkshake machine was broken (standard)

There's a museum in the back too with some great stuff (though my I've got a few things in my collection that are better!)

My favourite thing in the collection was an commercial used Mac Tonight costume

some of my Maccy D's collection

my melamine McD's tray, a collab with Burgerac

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Kody L
Kody L
06 oct. 2021

Greaat blog

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