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New additions to Flowers Towers

I picked up a couple of new pieces for my collection over the festive period, both of which are toys I've been on the lookout for ages.

First up is the Dusty Bin money box figure. It's kind of a bootleg Mr.Potato Head too as you can change his features and limbs exactly like you can with the classic Hasbro toy.

Dusty Bin was gameshow '3-2-1' mascot and booby prize. Dusty would appear at the very opening of the show's titles. Dusty would also appear at the start of each show, dressed in the style of that week's theme.

The cartoon character of Dusty Bin was created by freelance designer John Sunderland.

The Wizard of Os was the mascot for SpaghettiOs during the 1970s. His bowtie and his hat are covered in little round noodles, his robes are tomato-coloured, and when he waves his magic wand you instantly get a craving for SpaghettiOs.


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