As the name Pssst suggests, the show was all about secrets & unusually for MMK (Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art), it was aimed at children. I decided to produce a series of 'hidden' image posters, each print was 5ft x 7ft, so they looked pretty huge on the wall. The posters had a corresponding mask with different coloured lenses, which when you put it on, revealed the hidden illustration. 


The exhibition was sponsored by Kinder & they asked all the participating artists to produce an egg shaped image for a give away poster. Each artist also produced their own print for sale in the shop and I made some temporary tattoos for the gumball machine. It was also featured on German TV and newspapers. 


The exhibition is still one of the best I've ever been involved in. It was an amazing experience and a real privilege to get to hang out & work with amazing British artists Matthew Bromley, Adam Higton, Rob Lowe, Simon Peplow, Gemma Correll & Thomas Forsyth as well as German artists Christopher Fellehner, Anke Kuhl, Jörg Mühle, Moni Port, Natascha Vlahovic, Philip Waechter, Claudia Weikert, Zuni & Kirsten von Zubinski. We've come together for a couple of other shows in Germany since and it's been a fantastic experience and one I'll treasure forever. 

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