I'm a born and bred Londoner and up until recently had lived there my whole life. I never expected to leave and whilst there were many reasons why I did I can't ignore that fact the increasing homogenisation of the capital, rising cost of living and instability of tenancies were a key factor. With that in mind I jumped at the chance to get onboard with the 'Soho not Soso' campaign to save Berwick St Market from the redevelopment. 


There were a whole host of fantastic artists involved in the project, each with the brief to create a poster inspired by the heritage of Soho. As it's Berwick St Market and the area was known for it's seedy underbelly the obvious choice to draw some sexy, seedy fruit and veg characters! It featured in in a number of locations, in an exhibition and even local legend 'Soho George' got his portrait taken in front on my poster.